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Django Registration redux

So, 4 years ago [already??] I wrote a post about a shortcut to getting "User registration with verification email", using very little code by leveraging the password reset machinery built into Django.

Since then, of course, Django has moved on... and recently, the auth views were rewritten as class-based views, which changes the game entirely.

As a result, I've committed to providing here an updated version of the previous post.

Registration for Django - the easy way

Every so often (quite frequently, actually) you'll get someone in #django begging for help trying to integrate some app that promises the world ... at least, as far as it concerns user registration and profiles.

Update: A couple of people pointed out the original version would end up requiring the user to enter their email twice. I've now amended the code so the password_reset view's work is now done in the registration CreateView. This makes the view a little more complicated, but the URLs and user workflow much simpler.

The thing is, now that we have custom User models, doing this is easier than ever before - yes, even including email verification.